Registration for Greyhounds Reach the Beach®, October 4-7, 2018

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Registration for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® provides you with access to all the activities activities at our main location (still to be announced).    We will feature vendors, a Silent Auction, some great speakers and much more.   Greyhounds Reach the Beach® features top greyhound vendors and canine/greyhound focused speakers from all over the country.   

You will be welcomed at all of our sponsored activities around town.  You will get discounts on people-greyhound tours to Milton or to Lewes, including a stop at a pub on the way home.   We plan another Beer & Biscuit Mixer, on Thursday  evening.   We'll have nail clipping at the Hyatt as well as a couple dozen vendors both inside and outside. Your registration gains you entrance to our speakers at Hyatt Place on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

The advance registration cost is $22 per person.

You may register at the door for $25 but why not save $3 and register now?

Without a registration wristband, you will not be allowed in to our seminars/speakers activities (yet to be determined) to hear speakers or attend seminars. Cost of pre-event registration is $22.  Registration at the door will go up to $25.  

Your registration also includes items such as a GRtB beer glass and an Ebooklet with all the information sent to you about two weeks before the event, and entrance into various activities provided only to registrants such as our Tours around the area to beaches and restaurants.  Details of our weekend are still being assembled at this time.

Register Before the Event  We are grateful for your support for our efforts to manage and reinvigorate one of the first and greatest greyhound events.   By registering early, you help us meet a wide range of costs and financial obligations which we have to incur to hold this event.  You also help to pay to bring dozens of greyhounds from the kennels in Florida or Alabama to loving homes in the Northeast.   This process of saving greyhounds costs money. 

You also save money by registering early.  Our pre-season registration cost is $22 per person. Registration at the door will cost $25.  You may pay via PayPal or credit card on our secure website.

Registration fees help us to cover our costs, which are many.  Everything at the beach is more expensive.   Facilities, insurance, tote bags, it all costs money.  After our bills are paid, we then donate the balance to 501(c)3 greyhound adoption groups to help them bring dogs from the race tracks, get them vetted, and find them greyt homes.   Last year we donated thousands of dollars to Greyhound Pet Adoptions of Delaware, Forever Home Greyhound Adoption, Midwest Greyhound Adoptions, God's Greyts and other greyhound groups.

By registering, you support the activities and the donations to greyhound adoption that the event provides.   It also adds an orderliness to the event which was missing for many years when the event drifted aimlessly.   You also benefit from having someone in charge so that you can ask a question and actually get a sensible, consistent answer.  

Please be sure to include your telephone number on your registration in case your email changes or there is a typo and it does not work.  [If there's a typo in your email address, we won't be able to reach you or send you your E-booklet without an alternate contact number.]

Due to changes in the administration of the Town of Dewey Beach (new Mayor, new Town Manager, new Commissioners), we are not yet sure about what kind of arrangement we will be able to negotiate regarding the Dewey Beach Dog License.  Please stay tuned.

Refunds:  Greyhounds Reach the Beach®  is a fund raising event for greyhound adoption conducted by The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., a Delaware based non-profit corporation approved by the IRS as a 501c3 charity benefiting greyhounds.  We hope that if you register but cannot attend the event that you will just consider donating your modest registration fee to the greyhounds.  Very few dog events have a registration fee of only $20.  Few charities give "refunds."  That said, if you wish to request a refund we will do our best to refund at least a portion of your registration fee after the event concludes, depending upon our existing liabilities and assets.